Generals in the making

No soldier ever became a great General without enduring the ordeals of war. It is because of enemies and the frequency of attacks that we become skillful and successful in the art of war.

Somethings we learn primarily by experience; overcoming affliction and oppression is one of them.

The opposition will never waste time on an entity going nowhere. Our enemy(-ies) recognize our value (sadly many never see their own value) and will always look for ways to break us or take us out – through trials, challenges, oppression, victimization etc. But we are never alone, “greater is He that is within us, than he that is in the world.” We are reminded to establish a steadfast connection to the Almighty who guides us to be a step or more ahead of the opposition. We must recognize He is our source – He knows it all and shows us the “how” to overcome.

For God’s children wars are never designed to break, but to elevate and establish us as the super power. This is how we rise through the ranks in life – battle after battle; war after war.

Many people (near and far) can’t stand the greatness that is and to continually be you and I, and will do everything to ensure we never get there; let’s be encouraged – it means we are important! You and I are persons of interest – we matter!

Stay open and keep learning: never shut the door on an opportunity to learn. The more battles, the more we learn, the more experience we gather. The more experience, the better our intelligence. The better our intelligence, the surer our victory! We must never ever give up – we should always remind ourselves that we matter in the grand scheme of things; you and I are comrades in good company 😊.

To all the Generals in the making, this one’s for us. Keep the fight alive – greatness awaits! (For FMD)


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