#SermonSunday; The Fight with Frustration (Bishop T.D Jakes)

Have you ever dealt with frustration, disappointment, regret? You feel you are not where you should be? Your family, spouse, children have frustrated you? Life has just not dealt you the right cards?

Today’s #SermonSunday with Bishop T.D Jakes is a word for you. He talks about how to deal with the disappointments that have led to frustrations in life. “The Fight with Frustration” is from his series “Enough”

We pray that as you listen to this, the Holy Spirit will minister to you and you will delivered from whatever frustration you have carried thus far in life.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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  1. I wish I can some day meet you. TD jakes I have a new partner we have one 1 child and a new unborn on the way and two of my previous relationship. I’ve been leaving with frustrations after another and I don’t know what to do. My now partner is from West Africa and I’m Hispanic/ Mexican we seem to have a lot of difference and we get along good just the way of communicating theirs like ugly remarks and the communication, he works alot and much more. I been seeking God and hes help me a lot emotionally. I daily listen to you for inspiration. Thank you.

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