Today we focus on Loving God!

It’s usually easy to get caught up in the pressure of life and get bogged down by everything. However one thing in Life remains constant and unchaging- GOD LOVES US!!! And we should also strive to ensure that our love for him never falters. The bible says in 1st John 4:19;

We love Him, because He first loves us.

The 1st thing we should seek to understand and have a revelation of when we become christians is the Love God has for us in Christ Jesus (John 3:16, Ephesians 3:17-19). It is from this revelation that we can then truly love God in return. We love God not because of what He does for us, but because of the Love he has for us.

Our love for Him should be the kind of love that says;

  • No matter what happens , God I love you.
  • No matter what I face, God I love you.
  • With all I am and have, God I love you.
  • Inspite of what I lack and seek, God I love you.
  • In everything, God I love you.
  • It should be the kind of love that inspires obedience.
  • The kind of love that compels surrender and absolute submission.
  • The kind of love that keeps our minds stayed on Him always.

Ask yourself now, do I really Love God?


I am reminded of this Old time song by Ron Kenoly- I Love to Love You Lord


I’ve come to say how much I love you
I’ve come to say how much I adore you
Lord I’m not here to complain
About my many problems
By your spirit and your grace
I’m confident you’ll solve them
I’m here, to say I love You
I’m here to say I adore You
I’m here to say I love You,
I love to love you Lord
(Watch the video below)

Let this song resonate in your heart as you  continue to Love God.



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