So What’s Special About Me???

SPECIALSometimes we are quick to compare ourselves with others. We look at the wonderful things happening in their lives, in comparison to ours, and think “Is there anything special about me?” “What unique ability do I have?” etc. We may look at our lives and, like the widow who told Elisha she had nothing but “this small oil” (2 Kings.4:2), we may say of the abilities we have that it’s just this “small” thing I have. We may say “The only thing I have or can do is “so and so” compared to Mr. XYZ who is fantastically skilled at “so and so.”

On and on the wheels do spin but can I interrupt you for a minute to tell you the truth – that this is one of the biggest lies we are consistently told, and unfortunately do get accustomed to telling ourselves? Let’s look at some individuals in the bible and learn from them, especially Joseph the son of Jacob.

The bible tells that David was a skilled musician. He played the harp to relieve Saul, the oppressed King of Israel and was the primary author of the book of Psalms. In the New Testament, the bible tells of Paul, once named Saul, who was a thoroughbred lawyer cum speaker and writer. Paul it was who wrote most of the books in the New Testament. Other examples of skills and great abilities include Samson – divine physical strength and Solomon – wisdom. So what was Joseph good at?

Nothing is really said about what abilities or skills Joseph had. What we can garner is that he was employed as a steward in Potiphar’s house and gradually rose to be the manager of Potiphar’s household. In prison, he supported the prison warden by becoming the caretaker of all his fellow inmates. From his occupation we can deduce that he was a caring individual and possibly a good manager (naturally or by training) however nothing else is mentioned about skills or talents that distinguished him from his contemporaries. In spite of this, Joseph rose to become one of the greatest leaders that ever ruled in Egypt. A slave in a foreign land became it’s Prime Minister. A young man that was only good at caring for things and people became a nation’s Executive Head. How? The bible says quite a few times about Joseph that God was with him and because God was with him, everything he did prospered. This explains the “How”!

Easily, Joseph could have been a bitter young man – sold by his brothers into slavery and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, but I imagine, with the help of God he decided to make the most of his situation. I imagine he would have thought “now that I’m a steward, I’m going to make sure I’m the best steward Potiphar has ever had”, and in prison he would have applied the same thought process.

Joseph’s secret was the presence of God in his life. God was with him every step of the way. God blessed the works of his hands and made him great.

You may be like Joseph. Probably the only thing you are good at is caring for people and the state of things. Your case may even be more complicated like Moses who was stammerer or the Samaritan woman who had a series of failed marriages. And how about Legion who was oppressed by so many demons for as long as could be remembered, or Abraham who had no child to his name at near 100 years old. These were people with issues (and no clear mention of great abilities) who God still used to accomplish significant feats in one way or another.

Moses became the greatest leader Israel ever had (Deut. 34: 10-12).

The Samaritan woman led her entire community to Jesus Christ (John.4: 1-42).

Legion went around sharing the testimony of his deliverance (Mark.5:1-20).

Abraham , the friend of God, became the father of nations. (Gen.15:4)

Whatever your situation (multitalented, minimally skilled or seemingly lacking in skill) God has a plan for your life – and it includes making you a great blessing.

Everyone has something special about them – including YOU. God tells you so throughout the bible; that you are blessed and highly favoured; that you are fearfully and wonderfully made for signs and wonders; that when He created you, He saw that you were good etc.

Let this be the truth you choose to believe. Break the mindset of being not good enough by regularly reminding yourself of who you are in God – that is the real truth. So long as God is with you, and you allow Him have his way, not only will you discover your abilities but will also discover your purpose on earth. So long as God is with you, your life’s story, like Joseph’s, will be one of success and fulfillment. Yours will be an extraordinary life in the end.
There’s something special about you too – believe it. You are a one-of-a-kind blessing to this world. Stand up, Stand out and shine; you were born to be great – in your own unique way.

– Joke

Further reading: Genesis. 1: 2 – 3; Genesis Chapters 37 – 50; Romans. 


  1. great article. it’s not wise to keep comparing oneself to others. if we look deeply at our lives we would see the treasure God has placed in us. everything God made is good, including us. I used to think lowly of myself till I knew who I am in God and really how special I am. that was when I started seeing the unique giftings God has placed on my inside.

  2. Its such a beautiful thing to always remind myself of who I am really… I always feel at home here when I read posts , I get encouraged and my walk with God is strengthened. Thanks guys!!

  3. I love this write-up because It shares what every man can have access to and thus make great impact in life.I am minimally skilled i.e in matters of techniques, technology etc. but I’m good at speaking and teaching, but it is not like everybody’s outstanding talent or skill. My inspiration from this write-up is “God’s presence alone and His commitment to anything that I’m doing will Bring PROSPERITY, and that’;s actually my sole desire – to prosper” so if I can prosper by God’s presence and favour with my minimum skill… I’m fine, I’m made. God bless #kingdomculture, God bless Joke

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