Fellowship with the Holy Spirit (2)


Today we continue our series on the Holy Spirit, and the need for a continuous and intimate fellowship with Him. Like we mentioned yesterday, as christians our lives are nothing without Him.

Sometimes as we mature in Christianity and life becomes ‘good’, there’s a tendency to forget where our power truly lies or what really matters. We seem to think our lives are our own making or doing. We thank God for his Mercy and Grace that covers us, however, to truly live the overcoming, abundant, refreshing, anointed life that God called us to, and that Jesus died for us to have, we cannot do it without the a conscious and deliberate communion with the person of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirt is the one here with us on earth. He is the Ultimate friend, He is the Power of the God-Head. He is the voice of God, He is the breath of Life, He is the one that teaches us that which God had prepared for us.

Pastor Benny Hinn tells a story of when he met the Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa.  He recounts that the ArchBishop told him one thing;

“If you want God to always anoint you, you must continue to seek Him, just as when you had nothing”.

No matter the great strides you have had as a christian, you cannot live on yesterdays experience. Our fellowship with the Holy Spirit is daily, infact its several times during the day. One phrase that should always be on your lips is “Help me Holy Spirit”. We must recognise that the power is not of ourselves, but of God in us.

As Pastor Benny Hinn says,

“without the Holy Spirit, our lives have No meaning, no power, no reality, no life, no power over sin”.

Truly without the Holy Spirit, we are nothing!!!

We bring the 2nd part of Pastor Benny Hinn’s message on Fellowship with the Holy Spirit;

God bless you.


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