These three words have become a very popular cliche in Christendom. Saying ‘It is Well‘ just seems like another everyday phrase. You ask someone how are you, they say..’It is Well‘. How is work…’It is Well‘… How is the family…’It is Well‘.  Or you are having a conversation with someone, and they tell you some things they are going through, your response is …’It is Well‘! To them, they think you didn’t have any thing better to say. Infact in their minds they are wondering; ‘is that all you can say to me’?, christianese has come again’!

My sister and I were having a conversation and she asked me a question to which I responded ‘It is Well‘. She got upset and said how she was tired of hearing that line, people just always saying ‘It is Well‘ and how it has become a cliche for everything.

While I understand the sentiment behind this, based on it’s popular usage, I have also come to find that these three words combined form a very powerful phrase, and sometimes when you really can’t pour out your heart or the depth of your feelings to people, all you have the strength to say is…’It is Well‘. For me personally, whenever I say to someone else ‘It is Well‘, its also another opportunity to hear myself say it and to be encouraged in it.

Our words have power, not just  because we say them, but because when we say them, we understand the weight behind what we are saying. To say ‘It is Well‘, is to declare that in the midst of all you might be going through, this will turn out well for you; this is working for your good; and this is for your wellness and wholeness. To say ‘It is Well‘ , is a powerful declaration of your faith!

The bible says in Isaiah 3:10;

Say to the righteous that it shall we well with them.

So saying ‘It is Well‘ either to encourage yourself, or saying it to someone else is very scriptural and very powerful. It is not just another cliche or christianese language, it is word of God, potent with power, to change any and every situation that is unwell and to make it well.

So the next time someone says to you …’It is Well‘..receive it with understanding and gladness, and the next time you say to someone ‘It is Well‘… Say it with understanding and power.

I say to you today, to anyone carrying a load or burden, disillusioned or in despair, weak and heavy laden, going through trials and tribulations or just seeking the next level for you in life…’IT IS WELL’!

I leave you with this word from Psalm 62:5-8 (NLV)

My soul is quiet and waits for God alone. My hope comes from Him. He alone is my rock and the One Who saves me. He is my strong place. I will not be shaken. My being safe and my honor rest with God. My safe place is in God, the rock of my strength. Trust in Him at all times, O people. Pour out your heart before Him. God is a safe place for us.

God bless you (And this is not another cliche 🙂 ) #PostForAnotherDay

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  1. My dad can say it is well even in a burning house.. It is very powerful, it has a way of making you feel better even in worse situations…

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