When Faith Speaks…Doubt Walks!


The book of Hebrews 11:1 defines faith as

“the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (KJV).
God’s Word Translation tells us that…
“Faith assures of things we expect and convinces us of the existence of things we cannot see”.

My favourite translation of this verse is that of the New Living Version because it describes Faith as…

“the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see”.

Regardless of your preferred bible translation, two key elements run through this particular verse – Expectation and Reality – and they are often responsible for those negative voices that often silence our Faith when we experience constraints in the things we are trusting God for.

As believers, we are constantly faced with the challenge of matching our expectations with our realities. For instance, you could be trusting God for a breakthrough in the area of your finances (Expectations) yet you can’t seem to get your finances in order, your debt just keeps piling up and your next month salary is already spent even before you get your pay slip (Reality).

It could be that you are believing God for a child (Expectations), yet month in month out, the situation remains the same (Reality). Perhaps you are trusting God for a soul-mate/life partner/husband/ wife (whatever title you choose) yet you can’t remember the last time you went out on a date or someone of the opposite sex acknowledge your existence.

Or could it be that everyone around you is constantly experiencing different levels of breakthroughs and promotions in life, while you on the other hand, just can’t catch a break (Reality) or experience the level of blessing that you have worshipped, fasted and prayed to God about (Expectations).

Regardless of the contradicting scenarios or events in our lives, Faith assures us of the things we expect or hope for especially when we can’t see their manifestations just yet.

In order to get the assurance of the things we expect and long for, we need to speak the language of Faith which only comes through the spoken word of God. Therefore, having received the message of salvation, we all need to go a step further to get specific word from God concerning any and every situation we find ourselves because the bible tells us that:

 “Faith comes by hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ” (Rom 10:17 NIV).
It went further in Roman 10:8 to say:
“This message [of Faith] is near you. It’s in your mouth and in your heart.”(GW

In essence, to constantly speak the language of Faith, we need to align our confessions with God’s word. To align our confessions, we each have to get a word from God regarding our expectations through worship, prayer and meditation on His word (The Bible) until certain verse(s) drops into your heart that fit perfectly into your desired expectation.

Such verse(s) ultimately frame our daily confessions, and this is how our confessions align and become in sync with the word of God. Without this revelation, our human nature tends to gravitate us towards having confessions that mirror our despair and hopelessness based on present realities rather than future glory. Therefore, we need to be mindful of what permeates our hearts and what comes out of our lips because with our heart we believe and with our mouth we make confessions and are therefore saved. We also need to constantly silence those contradicting voices both around and within us so that our expectations can be realised through the assurance in God’s words.

Believers often underestimate the power of confession (whether good or bad). I have read how people, who are not necessarily ‘believers’, use the power of ‘Positive Thinking’ to shape their future and life outcomes. So, if such results exist for such people, how much more will our ‘confessions’ based on the word of God achieve? I think the result is limitless and infinite just like the God we serve.

So our daily confessions should be the same word God speaks. It should be an affirmation of God’s truth and promises. God created the world in seven days by calling forth things into existence with His words. The bible further tells us that “life and death are in the power of the tongue and those who love to talk will have to eat their own words” (GWT). I particularly love one of Kingdom Culture’s quotes that reads: “Speak Life even if you feel death”.



I think its one powerful confessions we should print out on cards, and display at strategic places in our homes and workplaces for us to read and meditate upon each time we feel we are drowning.

All these examples demonstrates the impact of the things we say. Let us therefore use our words wisely.

Let us not only use our words for communication, but more importantly for Creation because our expectations are fulfilled through our confessions which are the words we speak. 

I have learnt that Faith has a voice and a tone which is that of victory. Faith is also more interested in our expectations than our reality. Faith stimulates our desired outcomes, not our current situation. Therefore, our expectations based on God’s promises for our lives has the upper hand against our current realities.

When Faith speaks, all doubts are banished and our head no longer gets in the way of our hearts.

Let me encourage you today to speak like Faith speaks and act like Faith acts. Speak from the position of victory and abundance. Have the God confidence to daily live the victorious life all believers have in Christ Jesus (including you… yes YOU!).  And always remember that when Faith Speaks, doubt walks.

We would like to hear your exploits of faith, do leave a comment below or send us an email – kingdomcultureng@gmail.com.



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