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I love music. I love to listen to it and I love to dance to it. It’s my thing! But one day things began to change (and they are still changing) with regards to my love for music. One day, I decided to seriously pray about being in a serious committed relationship with the Holy Spirit. (So far we are progressing 🙂 ) I had just began to understand the wonder/blessing of having Him in my life and I thought if we are going to be in this together, I best learn more about what pleases Him, what His idea of “good” is for me etc. As I started seeing and understanding things differently, so did music begin to change; music began to have a deeper meaning. Here’s what I’m learning.

Songs have this unusual power to evoke diverse thoughts, emotions and actions in us. Some songs make you happy and some make you sad. Some songs make you feel sensual and some bring back unpleasant memories – heartbreak, death of a loved one, regret etc. Some songs celebrate others, some  inspire and so on and so forth. Therefore we must carefully approach the subject of music by asking ourselves some salient questions.

I’ve narrowed them down to two;

1. What effect does this song have on me?

2. What’s the primary message of this song?

Something for you and me to think about in our private moments.

In these days where “beats” and rhythm matter significantly more than lyrics, it’s more difficult to tell or even care about what an artiste is saying. But music is music, and still has the power to influence through words (and words are powerful – e.g. by words the earth as we know it was formed – Gen. 1: 1 – end).

If a song subtly “glorifies” adultery or cheating (e.g. married but in love with someone else etc) the more we listen to it, chances are we will begin to believe and accept that it’s ok to not be committed in a relationship. If a song portrays women as objects for sexual gratification outside the confines of marriage, chances are that would become the “accepted” reality – which by God’s standards is not the truth. And there’s the deeper angle  to consider – the “spirit” behind a song.

Whether acknowledged or not, people mirror their beliefs in things they do. If a singer believes in the thrills of violence related activities (rape, drugs, robbery, gangs etc), for example, chances are this will be reflected whether subtly or point blankly in his music. If a musician believes in the supremacy of anarchy or lawlessness, same will be reflected.

So what does this mean for me as a child of God? The bible says to guard your heart with all diligence. I owe it to myself to know “what” and “who” I allow into my subconscious and my spirit when it comes to music.

  • “What’s the song about?” ;
  • “What’s the message in the song?”;
  • “What effect does the song have on me?” ;
  • “Do I feel moody, happy, angry, full of regret or thankful.”;
  • “Who sang the song?” etc.

Truth is we may not get to know much but at least we can know a little…and sometimes a little is good enough.

And, we should be open to the nudging/guidance of the Holy Spirit. He knows everything (Isaiah. 11:2). He knows which songs affects us and how they affect us. We should trust that when we have the nudging to tune off on a song, He actually means well for us and we should TUNE OFF!

On a final note, to each his own. God gets us at different stages of our lives. I believe no one has a right to out rightly judge or condemn anyone (James.4:10-12). Jesus says to come as we are. I find that often times those who are quick to judge the mistakes or external struggles of others e.g. like listening to ALL types of secular music, are the ones with major internal issues to tackle, like anger, envy, unforgiveness , impure thoughts etc. Let God deal with each of us in His own way, at His time. (Mark.11: 28-30)

All God wants is our willingness to listen and obey Him! Let’s determine today to comply. His intentions towards us are always for good and in our best interest. He loves us that much to keep us secure  – even when it comes to music.

What are your thoughts on this? Do leave your comments below as we would love to hear from you.

Stay blessed,


  1. The world is polluted an I think every believer should put conscious efforts into censoring/screening what we hear and see. Cos this most times makes our being.

  2. God is love and made the world with words…
    The lyrics of a song are words spoken into the life’s of the listener, and its effect can’t be ignored even when we care less to listen to them in the love for the music beats…. So long as it plays in our ears, there are like words spoken to our subconscious….
    And we need to guard our minds of what is planted in it, consciously or unconsciously….

  3. IT’S WELL CAPTURED THUS” GUARD YOUR HEART…” But it takes a whole lots of discipline to consider the lyrics against just jumping at the beat especially these days…

    Thanks all same. A timely write up!

    1. Hello Ife. Thank you. The share buttons are there, at the top left hand corner. Just beside the image. And even as you scroll down, you see them too.

  4. It is written, guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of Life proverbs 4:23, if we know that what we hear affect, why do we continue? the love of God is preach to sinners to come to His knowledge, the word of God is for His children to continue in wisdom(get lost in His word, worldly songs will no longer be an option, it will die and fade away in your life and thought). It is also written, if you Love me, you will keep my commandments, So why claim to Love Him and love the Songs dedicated to Satan. What happened to our (christian) Worship and praise Songs? They are boring at times che? Work in the spirit…Gal 5:16
    Thank you for the platform to share my view

  5. very nice writeup. Many times, because the beats are cool, first reaction is to dance to it. i don’t think that’s so much a problem. Next think is to quickly analyze it as you advised and decide whether to continue dancing or to stop; to keep it on your device or to delete; to recommend to a friend or not.

  6. Actually am not particular about the secular music but recently I listened partly to one of them and I began to analyse the song, the lyrics to be precised and to me it makes a lot of meaning, so my take on this subject is if you as a child of God must listen to the secular music pick the lyrics that suit your state of mind,also as the spirit leads. Do not forget who you are in the Lord.

  7. I love this and totally agree with what you have shared.
    Let’s always remember that “Music is to the soul, what food is to the body”. So we should be really watchful of the kind of stuff we feed our minds with. The words in a song are capable of forming thoughts in our hearts; and scriptures cannot be broken, “as a man thinketh in his heart so is he…”
    Wisdom the Bible says is profitable to direct.

  8. I simply ask myself “As I’m dancing to this song, if Jesus were to come now would he be happy with me?” I try to conciously apply this to every thought, action and word. I’m not there yet but I’m on my way. May we remain #alwaysraptureble

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