#SermonSunday; ‘DADDY, GOD’!- The Heart of the Father Revealed (Joseph Prince)

Today we bring you a message from Pastor Joseph Prince, the Senior Pastor of the New Creation Church in Singapore. Here he talks about the necessity of knowing God as Our Father.

One of the greatest revelations we can and should have as christians is knowing God as ‘Abba Father’. Romans 8:15 (New Living Translation; NLT) says;

So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as his own children. Now we call him, “Abba, Father.”

The (New Life Version; NLV) puts it this way;

You should not act like people who are owned by someone. They are always afraid. Instead, the Holy Spirit makes us His sons, and we can call to Him, “My Father.”

This revelation of God as Our Father completely transforms the way we relate to Him. He is not just Almighty God, who we feel sits in the heavens and we are simply at His bidding here on earth. He is a loving Father who longs to have an intimate relationship with us. The one we run to, the one we cry to, the one who we are not afraid of, the one we laugh with, the Father who has our lives in His Hands.

Yes we are to fear God, however, this fear means to ‘revere’ Him and does not mean to be ‘afraid; of him. Just like the scriptures above say, we have not received a spirit that makes us fearful.

I am reminded of one day I heard Pastor E.A Adeboye preach and he kept referring to God as  ‘Daddy’. The way he said it was so endearing, I wondered if it was the same God he knew that I knew. From that day, a hunger was birth in me to also know God as ‘Daddy’.

I pray that the Spirit of Sonship will be manifest in our lives so that we can know God as ‘Abba Father’ or Daddy and have a beautiful relationship with Him.

Have an amazing Sunday and a fruitful new week ahead.

God Bless You!


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  1. Your Comment thank you so much for the words of encouragement especially on the article destined to reign i know one day God will pull me through

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