‘The Journey’ with Ighiwiyisi Jacobs


We are excited to bring to you the maiden edition of new Video Series titled: ‘The Journey’.

The Journey‘ is a programme that talks about our Christian faith from a practical point of view. Each episode features an individual who tells us about their Journey in, and with God as they navigate everyday Life and living.

Our goal is to shed light on Christianity through shared learning and experiences of one another. We seek to make Christian living practical and practicable for everyone, and consequently reach out to people who may otherwise be tired of playing ‘religion’ or ‘church’ as usual.

Our special guest on our Maiden episode is Worship Minister Ighiwiyisi Jacobs.


Ighiwiyisi is a passionate lover of God and in this 5 part series, she talks very intimately about her journey into knowing God, giving her life to Christ, her music journey and her new album, ‘For Jesus’. Ighiwiyisi also tells us about the impact of Jesus on her life, and shares a very personal story on how she battled weight challenges. Finally she speaks to us on what she thinks is the purpose for being a Christian.

We have no doubt that these videos will bless you immensely. Watch them, leave your comments and also share with others.

Part 1- Meet Ighiwiyisi Jacobs as she talks about how she came to know Jesus, giving her life to Christ at the young age of 8.

Part 2- In this part, Ighiwiyisi talks about how she started singing and the road that has led to the release of her 1st Album ‘For Jesus’

Part 3- Ighiwiyisi talks about the impact knowing Jesus has had in her life. Especially the knowledge of God’s ferocious love for her.

Part 4- Here Ighiwiyisi about how her knowledge of Jesus helped her handle a difficult period in her life as she tackled weight issues.

Part 5- In the final part of her interview, Ighiwiyisi talks about the purpose of Christianity and how we are to shine for Jesus in our world!

God Bless you!


  1. I absolutely love this. It’s sincere and very relatable.
    I’ve heard Ighiwiyisi sing a few times and I’ve always thought wow! this is an amazing voice, like none I’ve ever heard.
    Whether you decide to do another album or not, God bless you for sharing and inspiring.

  2. Ighiwiyisi,

    Such a beautiful testimony of Christ’s love for us. Oh!! That we may all know this love and be totally consumed by it.


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