Can The Dead Live Again?


A few years ago, I tried my hands at growing potted plants. I started with two pots – a small flower pot to place by my window, and big flower pot to place by the entrance door of the house. All went well until I went on vacation for some weeks.

By the time I got back, my neighbors kids, while playing outside, had demolished the small pot by the window pane outside and the plant in the bigger flower pot had become just a dried up stalk with no leaves. I thought the plant was dead and of no use again so I moved the flower pot outside to the back of the house with plans to get new plants to grow.

The rainy season came, traffic congestion became worse which saw me spending less time at home – let alone remembering to buy the plants I wanted to get. One Saturday morning as I emptied the bin I remembered the big flower pot and decided to just empty out the soil and find some other use for the pot – or just give it out. I walked to the back of the house where I kept the pot and to my utter surprise I saw the stalk covered with lush green leaves and at the top of the stalk, a tiny flower bud had appeared.

At first I thought this must be for someone else but looking closely again at it I realized it was the same stalk. My stalk, I mean my plant, had come back to life. Same pot, same soil, same plant. I smiled and like Solomon (in the Bible) would have said, “I gained knowledge.” What had once appeared dead to me, still had the potential to live and thrive again.

In the book of Ezekiel Chapter. 37, God gave the prophet, Ezekiel, an open vision that highlighted God’s ability to restore. In the vision, God showed Ezekiel a valley full of dry bones and asked him if the the bones could live again? I imagine I would have said the same thing Ezekiel said “God only you know”.

God wanted to teach Ezekiel a valuable lesson on restoration. God told Ezekiel to declare what He had told him earlier (Ezekiel.37:4-6; 9-10) and as we read along we see that not only did God reassemble the bones but He also caused them to become a great human army again. What was considered dead, God made alive.

You see, we God’s children are like the plant I spoke about earlier. Outside the influence of God, guidance from His Spirit and nourishment from the word of God (the Bible); our lives and the purpose of God for our lives  dry out. The purpose of God for our lives can become so dormant that it appears to be dead.

But under the right conditions, we and God’s purpose for our lives can be revived to life again. No one is ever a hopeless case or dead end with God. There remains the potential, the life force within us that God can use to revive us – It starts with us believing and surrendering completely to His will.

Is there a God ordained purpose for your life that seems to have grown cold or appears to have died? Are there things you’ve always wanted to do to glorify God but you seem to have lost the desire to pursue them? It’s not over with you.

Do you know that you can still fulfill your divine purpose on earth? Do you know that God is merciful and able to help you start over again because He loves you and, because you matter so much to Him? If you are alive and reading this now, God is not through with you yet. If you are reading this, it means there’s still hope for a fresh start. All that’s required is for you to submit to God, believe and trust that He will guide you all the way through His Spirit.

Want to start over? God is waiting to do a miracle in your life. Turn to Him and talk to Him about that purpose you are struggling with. Ask Him to restore your desire to do His will. Ask Him for the resurrection power to come alive through His Spirit in your life and thank Him by faith for a new start.

Step out in faith with the assurance that things will be different this time. Spend time studying the Bible and praying with the word you have noted from your study time. Trust that God will continue to direct you through His Spirit as you go along; remember you are not alone with God.

My prayer for you and I today is that God restores divine life to all He has deposited in us, and that we all will fulfill the very purpose for which He placed us all on this earth. Amen.

Have a great day.



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