Bloom Under Pressure – Lisa Bevere

Today, we bring to you Lisa Bevere’s message titled ‘Bloom under Pressure’ where she talks about the importance of perseverance when facing challenges is our Christian and day-to-day life. Lisa shares key principles to bear in mind when pressure from the enemy comes. Hence, you must remember that:

You are a target: From the moment you became born again, God sealed you with His Spirit (the Holy Spirit) which made you become a target for the enemy.

You have a choice: In Christianity, there are no middle grounds. Therefore, you must make the conscious effort to live a godly life by constantly choosing light and life over darkness and death.

Your attitude counts: Have the right attitude when faced with challenges because fulfilling God’s calling on your life will depend on how you react to the pressures of life.

You were called to be fruitful: God is creating climates and environments in your life so that you will learn to bloom under pressure. God’s children are supposed to bring forth fruits in every season, good or bad.

Maturity comes from pressure: Don’t try to get out of anything prematurely because when you do, you do not begin to mature and you end up deficient in some ways. God understands your strengths and weaknesses so pressure increases your strengths and develops your weaknesses.

Pray prayers that scare you: Ask boldly and believingly. God is not interested in helping you with what you can do. But he wants to get involved with you doing the impossible – what you think you cant do.

We pray you lay hold of all the promises God has for you regardless of the events happening in and around you. We also hope you keep your eyes on God through prayer and thanksgiving remembering that anything less than what Jesus purchased for you on the cross is not an option.

Stay Blessed!

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