AT THE CROSS- Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

We bring you another amazing song today, this time from the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. “At The Cross” is a powerful song that talks about the significance of Jesus death at the Cross, taking away our sins and setting us free in every way.

By Jesus death on the cross, we have atonement for our sins and the promise of a Redeemed, Blessed and Abundant life in Him. Jesus has done it all, our part is to believe and obey. Let this song bless you.


Jesus came and loved me
Took my sin to calv’ry
He has made a way for me
(And) now my eyes are open
Since I’ve come to know Him
His great love has set me free

At the cross, my debt was paid
All my sins, were washed away
Just for me, amazing grace
At the cross
At the cross, my savior died
Shed His blood, was crucified
Just for me, He gave His life
At the cross

My joy will ever be
In the one who saved me
Jesus lamb of calvary
All praises to the King
For His grace and mercy
I have been redeemed


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