#SermonSunday; CONFRONTING FEAR- Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer brings us this eye opening message on the need to live above fear and to walk in faith, which we need to attain the fullness of what God has called us to.

Listen to this message and let it bless you. Here are some pointers from it;

  • The feeling of fear will never completely go away in our lives. You do it afraid.
  • Fear is the master spirit that satan uses to try to control people.
  • God wants us to believe and only believe no matter what it is.
  • Every believer in Jesus should have only one attitude, and it is:- I WILL NOT FEAR!
  • You’re not a coward when you feel fear, you’re only a coward when you give into the feeling.
  • Confrontation is something we must all learn. You must learn how to do it, and how to do it properly.
  • Anytime we make any forward progress, satan will take a step against us to see if we will crawl back into our hole
  • Don’t lose your God ordainded destiny just because you want to feel comfortable in the present moment.
  • If you only seek to find comfort for your flesh, you will be uncomfortable in your spirit.
  • Theres nothing better than knowing God and knowing that you are right in the middle of his will
  • Nothing can satisfy us like God.
  • Don’t give up. Press through to be all that God wants you to be, do all that He wants you to do so that you can have all that He wants you to have.
  • Learn how to agree with God. Start saying what God says and stop saying what the devil says.

God Bless You and have an amazing Sunday!

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