On today’s #CountYourBlessings Series, we are delighted to share Iyobor’s story of how God’s Mercy has preserved and increased her in 2015. Our God is so faithful. He’s a miracle , wonder worker indeed. Read and Be blessed!


I started this year with crossover service in church and Pastor said whatever happened this year, Psalm 23, should be on our lips. I held on to that! In church, we embarked on a fast and the only request I had was for the Mercy of God to rest upon me in 2015, that I may know the direction in which God is leaning, so that I will be preserved. After the fast, I attended WAFBEC and Pastor Gbeminiyi Eboda ministered. He mentioned that he had a word for entrepreneurs, that though we had started the year with one employee, God increased us and made us into 2 companies. I held on to this as well.

I made them my confessions and daily ate these words. Firstly, some months into the year, a lady called me to say she wanted to close her existing retail business and wanted to hand over her goods to me to sell in my store, and I’d pay her as I sold.  She had a lot of products and  gave me loads of free products too for my business.

During the year, Pastor started to teach about the mystery of capital and enterprise, and I learned how I could derive value from my work. I started thanking God for all that was within my business.

In August, my former boss called me to ask if I’d like to open a store in Victoria Island. I said yes. She mentioned that she now owned a mall and had thought of me. I sat with her and she showed me the figures. They were dizzying but I said ok. I went to pray about it to know whether or not to take the step. I prayed till I knew that I could proceed. I sat with her again and she started to tell me that I could pay my rent monthly and not as a whole figure in the beginning. She went on to talk about the interior design for the store. Again, the figures for the design alone were dazzling at the time but I kept saying yes.

She started the decor without taking money from me, and I paid as the work progressed. The store was ready, and I was open for business. I had a thought in my head about how I’d go through the first few weeks of marketing the business and paying my employees, and I just said to God that I threw myself at His Mercy and that He had helped me and I was not ashamed.

Later, I had a conversation with the mall owners who said in passing that they had waived my rent for the first six months. In essence, I opened my business in VI and I was operating rent-free for the first six months.

I cried, I laughed. God had done what I couldn’t have imagined.

As I thought about it, I realised that in January, I had one employee. She was even leaving at the end of that month. When Pastor Gbeminiyi Eboda shared Genesis 32:10, it was so funny to me. I remember saying to God, even the one employee is leaving on the 31st of January.

Today, I’m at the end of the year with two companies and four employees because God increased me. I have been at God’s mercy and He has helped me!


Iyobor is an entrepreneur who lives and works in the City of Lagos, Nigeria!


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