Exceeding Grace! #CYBSeries

Welcome to the very last week in 2015! WOW! We are certainly grateful to God for Life and Living! We continue our #CYBSeries today with a very touching post from ‘Titogade’. In this piece, Titogade shares with us how God’s immense Grace was present in her life through her marriage, pregnancy and childbirth in 2015. Very touching indeed. Do Read and Be Blessed.


This year started for me with a whole lot of expectation and optimism. This may be due to the fact that I was pregnant. I got married in August 2014 and became pregnant immediately. I did not expect it would happen that soon because my initial thought was to use the first 6 to 12 months of marriage to settle into my role as a wife before embarking on motherhood. That was my plan, but I soon realized that God had a better plan for me. All I prayed and hoped for was that I exceeded my own expectation with the upcoming role and responsibility.

When I realized I was pregnant, I became anxious about what this new phase of life had in stock for me. I also had to juggle the role of a wife, being pregnant and all that comes with it simultaneously. It was not easy, but God surrounded me with family and friends who were ready to do anything I requested, no matter how ridiculous it was. My husband tried his best too. Despite the fact that we were both novice to this new phase, we tried to help each other out. I must admit that pregnancy made me a lot selfish and I could care less about the next person beside me – that is my husband. But God granted him the grace, patience, understanding and love to take all that I threw at him in good stride.

As I got closer to my due, a strange feeling of inadequacy and fear started coming over me. Suddenly, it dawned on me that I could not have this baby by myself. I was so scared to the extent that my husband could feel my anxiety. He began to encourage me and would sometimes send me videos of childbirth to watch (which I never watched) all in the bid to assuage my fears. I started thinking to myself that if I could not picture myself having this baby, then how would I cope with the other responsibilities tied to it? All sort of strange things and ideas started crossing my mind.

In the midst of my fear, two scriptures kept coming to my mind:

“I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me” Phil 4:13


“God has not given me the Spirit of fear but that of sound mind”. 2nd Tim 1:7

I made these confessions every time I felt the spirit of fear creeping into my thoughts. Gradually, my faith grew stronger with each passing day. As I got much closer to my due date, a sense of urgency of wanting the baby to come early overtook the spirit of fear within me. It was then it dawned on me that God had traded the spirit of fear within me for the far exceeding joy of motherhood.

To the glory of God, I had my bundle of joy in May 2015. He is the cutest little being I have seen till date. I still can’t believe that he came out of me and I am the mother to this most precious little boy. All my worry, anxiety and doubt were not necessary because God was there all along taking each step with me. My son makes me very happy and tired at the same time and this serves as a daily reminder of God’s faithfulness to me. ‘My boy’ like I and my husband fondly call him is what we are most thankful for and it makes 2015 an unforgettable year for us. My husband and I feel so blessed this year because God really exceeded our expectations!


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