First, we are excited to be back- Yes we sorta went on a break, but only to know how to serve you better- and now, we are certainly back with a bang, plenty excitement and expectancy, great surprises and even great gifts for all our readers this year. You certainly want to be a part of KingdomCultureNG:-)

We are back to continue to encourage, uphold, teach, and share with one another. For those who might be reading a KingdomCultureNG Post for the first time, You Are Welcome! We are lovers of God who seek to build a community where believers can be stregnghtend, encouraged, entertained, lifted and boosted to become all they are in Christ Jesus. We do this via articles, music, videos, messages from Christian ministers, books etc. Any and every way we can ensure Jesus is preached and you are impacted.

This year 2016, our Theme is Psalm 119: 37 (NLT)

life throough the word


We are fully convinced that the only way to live life fully, satisfactorily, wholly, completely, prosperously, powerfully, passionately, positively & Joyfully is by having an active relationship with the word of God.

Of course as Christians that’s supposed to be our default mode right? but it doesn’t mean we actually do it. We know we should. We know that once we make that switch to Jesus, our lives should be guided by the word. In fact the word is to become our constitution, our life pattern, our example, our motto, our mantra! But this switch does not happen automatically. It’s a lifetime process that requires effort, as we put in into practice- strategic, daily, routine practice. This comes by conscious work, discipline and plenty labour.

Our mandate is to create a platform where we can help to project the word of God (Isaiah 40:9). We can be that alarm clock to serve as a reminder; the encouragement you need when facing challenges; the source you need when thirsty; the laughter you need when stressed…and so much more. We would also be doing loads of giveaways this year….Amazing gifts to be won each month….I can hear the excited sounds already.

So together, lets go on this journey. Let’s build our faith in Jesus, let’s live a life of Love, Righteousness, Peace and Joy in  the Holy Ghost! The Christian Journey can be an ‘interesting’ journey, but in it all, we have God and so we have all we need. And all we need is contained in His Word. Together lets sit with it, feast on it and drink from it! Let the word fill our lives, renew our minds and make us whole!

So 1st point for today– decide to reassess your relationship with the God, we are sure it can be better.

Let’s live our daily, hourly, minutely, secondly lives each day of ths year through the word. You will be AMAZED at the transformation in your life.




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