‘Anything Can Happen’ by Jonathan Nelson

Anything Can Happen” by Jonathan Nelson is such a powerful declaration for this time and season that we are in. It’s beautiful music with strong lyrics. A combo like that works everyday!

Sing this song today, declaring it over every area of your life. Believe that truly anything can happen and definitely something great, miraculous and supernatural is happening in your life!

Enjoy the video, enjoy the music, sing and declare the lyrics…You are just a praise from your breakthrough! HALLELUYAH!!!


You are about to experience
A life changing moment
You won’t be the same
The same way you came
Cos He’s in our very midst
You will be healed, delivered
He’s here to set you free
And because God is here
Anything can happen in here
In here, in here, anything can happen in here
In here, in here

This moment is designed
For God to change your life

The heavens are open
The portals are open
My Spirit is open
For God to do anything, anything

Because anything can happen
In here, in here,

Something good is happening in here
(Something good, something good, something good)
Miracles are happening in here
(Miracles, miracles, miracles)
Breakthrough is happening in here
(Breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough)

I am just one praise from my breakthrough

You are just one praise from your breakthrough
Because anything can happen in here
In here, in here
Anything can happen in here


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