crossroadsToday you may take some decisions around certain things in your life. You may choose to change a job or stick with a job; get in or out of a business deal; begin or end significant friendship/relationships; move in or move out of an apartment; stay in or move to another church; start or end a personal business; get married or stay single; marry this person or marry the other person…the list is endless.

Decisions are like standing at cross roads; go left, go right or go back to where you are coming from. It often times looks that simple but often times isn’t it.

Whatever the decision, the outcomes can be extremely different. I’m yet to find a man who (without any divine intervention) accurately knew the end of a path before commencing on it. Yes there is the game of probability. If I do “a” and “b” chances are I will get “c”, “d” and maybe “e”.

That may be true…sometimes, but most times we find that things turn out to be quite different than we imagined. We then begin get to realise and accept this truth that only God has and can give us that much insight into any matter.

“Seek and you shall find”

The Bible says in the book of Matthew 7:7.

Do we devote as much time to seeking God’s thoughts on a matter as we do to just “doing”? And are we as patient enough to listen for directions or do we already have our course mapped out? Something to think about.

I can’t count the number of times I’d say “God I need you to please show me what to do in the situation.” and then I’d up and go do what “I” think is best. Screech!!! Bump…Roadblock ahead!!! It’s a daily unlearning and relearning to entrust my decision making to God and to patiently listen to what He has laid out. How He speaks?

In sooooo many ways, I’m learning never to put hearing from God in a box. I’ve got answers and guidance sometimes from the most unexpected situations. Through a bill board or a conversation with a stranger  at a store. Sometimes it may be through reading a story in the bible; overhearing something my 4 year old nephew would say; listening to a sermon or sometimes through a conversation with a friend. Either way, God speaks.

The role to play is staying patient (I know; can be tough…thankfully He also teaches us patience), staying open and being expectant. No good parent is happy to see their child race on a bicycle and head straight into a wall right?  So it is with God. Believe when He says, His thoughts towards you are from a good place and not with evil intentions.

A good question then to ask would be why take a decision and embark on the journey without the right road map and compass in hand? (Pause to think about that for a bit)

Whatever your decision today, I pray you’ll bring God into the discussion and ask for guidance along the way. A year or 5 or 10 years from now, you should be able to answer one question to yourself – “was that the best decision I made?” If it wasn’t the best, you are the wiser for it – get up and start over (no point continuing a journey down the wrong path).

If it was the best, keep that fresh in mind to always remember the next time you are at a cross road. You should be able to say to yourself that “the God who guided me through that decision, and granted me success, is with me now and will do same yet again as I entrust this to Him.”.  No pressure, just take things one decision at a time. Rome was certainly not built in a day 😉

Enjoy your decision (and journey) with God.




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