The Danger of Giving up Too Soon- Bishop T.D Jakes

We begin this new week on a special note with a powerful message from Bishop T.D Jakes called “The Danger of Giving up Too Soon.

In this journey of life and Christianity, sometimes the trials and challenges we go through can be very fiery, and seem unending. Many times we are tempted to give up, give in or bow under the circumstances.

Today this message from Bishop is a must watch. Whatever it is that you might be going through, Don’t give up!!! Yes it gets tough, however, hold on to your faith. Believe and trust in God. Don’t like Esau sell your birthright for a morsel of meat because of temporary hunger. (Gen 25:29-34). Remember when it was time to get his fathers blessings, he couldn’t anymore.

Pain is only temporary. Yes it can be painful, but it never lasts forever. Just like a woman is in intense pain when she wants to birth, but after the baby is born she forgets all the pain and joy comes. (John 16:21)

There is purpose in your pain. Let the word of God wash over you today. Hold on, stay strong. And just like Bishop says in the message,

“When God blesses you, it wont make sense”.

It will be so mind boggling, you will wonder, who bore me all these children (Isaiah 49:21).

So today, be encourage, be empowered. God will never ever leave you, don’t leave Him. Remember; Psalm 30:5

Weeping may endure for the night, but Joy will surely come in the morning.


Have a most lovely week. Stay Joyful, Stay Lifted!


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