Only You Jesus- ADA

Welcome to the month of August, the 8th month of the year 2016. WOW! For many, this year has been a very interesting journey. But in all we give thanks to God for Life, Mercy, Grace, Love, for everything and for His son Jesus, the one by whom we live a victorious and abundant life on earth.

So we come into August Singing, Rejoicing and Praising with the song “Only You Jesus” by Ada. This is a powerful and prophetic song! Ada sings with simplicity and with Power, to the God who alone can do what no man can do!!!

So as we step into this month, let us make powerful and  prophetic declarations into our lives with this song. Whatever it is you are believing God for, whatever goals you made at the beginning of the year, and you are wondering how will these events come to pass- #ONLYJESUS.

Continue to call upon Him, continue to trust and believe. He will surely never fail you. And when sometimes you have no words to say, just call His name; JESUS!

Have an absolutely amazing new month!



Only You can do
What no man can do
Only You can say
What no man can say
Only You can change
Any situation at all
Only You are Able
Daddy so so You are Capable

Just like you walked the streets of Galilee
You are doing the same today
And like you heal the sick and raised the dead
You are doing the same today
And like you say Lazarus come Forth
You are doing the same today

You are doing the same today (REPEAT)

Oh God my promoter
Jesus my promoter
Opening every door now
Fighting all my battles
Healing the brokenhearted
You are doing the same today


Resurrected Jesus

Jesus (REPEAT)
The son of God
The word of Life
The same today
Say he is capable
The resurrection and the Life

Jesus only you can make the blind to see
Jesus only you can make the lame to walk again
Jesus only you can make the dead to rise
Jesus my promoter


Call his name (3ce)
He is capable

  1. I really praiz Jesus for this lyrics .my darling it blesses my soul every time my heart z down it uplifts me.oooooooh it’s only you can change my situation oh lord.thanx Jesus I believe that one time you will to my my resume.

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