LIFT HIM UP- Ron Kenoly

24 years ago (1992), an album was released that greatly impacted the Christian Community. “Lift Him Up“, by Ron Kenoly. In 2016 all the songs on that album are still as impactful, joyful and ‘praiseful’ as they were then.

So, on today’s #GrooveFriday we are flashing back with two songs from the album. The Title Track “Lift Him Up” and the wonderful song “Mourning into Dancing“.

As we get into the weekend let us lift our hearts and voices in utmost praise to God for He is worthy of all our praise. Also let these songs lift you up. Let them fill your heart with Joy unspeakable, dance and rejoice before your maker today and always.

Have a most joyful weekend.

God Bless You



I will come into Your presence, Lord
With the sacrifice of praise
With a song I will exalt You, Lord
Blessed be Your holy name

I will give You all the glory
You delivered me from shame
I’m created in Your righteousness
Blessed be Your holy name


Oh, lift Him up
His name be lifted higher
Lift Him up
Exalt His holy name



He’s turned my mourning
Into dancing again
He’s lifted my sorrows
I can’t stay silent
I must sing
For His joy has come

Where there once
Was only hurt
He gave His healing hand
Where there once
Was only pain
He brought comfort
Like a friend
I feel the sweetness
Of His love
Piercing my darkness
I see the bright
And morning sun
As it ushers in
His joyful gladness


Your anger lasts
For a moment in time
But Your favor is here
And will on me for
All my life time


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