JESUS SAVES- ‘Tasha Cobbs’


If you’re not sure of anything, be ABSOLUTELY sure of this! JESUS SAVES!  And as we remind ourselves of that on today’s #WorshipWedsnesday, this song by Tasha Cobbs drives home the message powerfully.

Tasha is an anointed, amazing worshipper and her passion for God is unmistakable and evident every time she ministers. Today let her song JESUS SAVES, speak to you.



Jesus saves [2x]
From the cross
To the grave

You died for me
The ultimate sacrifice
For me
Whom you had never seen
So my voice I will raise
Testify that

Jesus saves [2x]
From the cross
To the grave
From the cross
You saved my life
To the grave
You raised me up
And your resurrection power
Saved me from the sting of death
Jesus saves [4x]

Im a living witness that he does
He can save you from death too 
It doesn’t matter what it is
oh yes He does
Jesus Saves [2x]
He said if I be lifted up
I’d draw all men to me
and he’s drawing us today [4x]
From the cross to the grave
Jesus Saves



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  1. Jesus Saves! Jesus Saves! I love this song. I love Tasha Cobbs. Oh, what a wonderful song. “It doesn’t matter what it is. Oh yes, He does. Jesus saves.” Hallelujah!

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