Glorious God- Elijah Oyelade

Today’s #WorshipWednesday features the powerful song “Glorious God” by Elijah Oyelade a worshipper, a pastor, a teacher and a song writer. His love and passion for God can be felt through this video and brings one to a place of Worship.

Today let us worship our Glorious God, who is Worthy of all our Praise. 


Glorious God, Beautiful King
Excellent God, I bow before your throne

Bow before Your Throne
Worship at Your feet
Bow before Your Throne
You’re the Glorious God (Repeat)

Your Name is Alpha, Omega,
Ageless, Changeless
Almighty, Jehovah
Glorious God, I bow before your throne (repeat)

Ei Baba, Ei Baba, Ei Baba
You’re the Glorious God (Repeat)


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