AMAZING GOD- ‘Sonnie Badu’

On today’s #GrooveFriday we feature the beautiful song “AMAZING GOD” BY Ghanian Worship Minister, Sonnie Badu. This song has a nice contemporary feel merged with the African Rhythm. It’s sure to get you singing, dancing and praising.

Nothing like a song to get you in the right mood as we thank and praise our God, declaring what He has done for us. Make sure you’re somewhere you can freely dance, jump, sing and even scream when listening to this:-)

He’s certainly an AMAZING GOD. Have an Amazing weekend, exalting God through it all!


You made my life so beautiful
You turned my darkness into light
You picked me up from the Miry Clay
Amazing God Amazing King
Oooooo ooooo

Ten thousand words not good enough to praise you
A thousand tongues wouldn’t be enough to love you
Oh how great you’ve been to me
Amazing God Amazing king

Eee Yaweh eeeee
Oooooo oooooo
Eee Yaweh eeeee
Amazing God Amazing king 2x


You are indeed my all in all
You are my well in the dessert place
Oh king of Kings and Lord of Lords
Amazing God Amazing King

So when troubles they come like floodgates
I know you there for me
And when all of my clouds fade away
You’ll lift me up and set me free


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