Here’s To An Amazing 2017!

A friend joked that “Na wa o! So that is how 2016 is becoming past tense?” Yep. That’s the reality. Seemed as if you said “Happy new year, posted a few dms of 2016 being “The Year of……”; wrote out your plans for the year…blinked and suddenly its a few days to the end of the year 2016 as you knew it! Thank God we are alive.

 Year ends bring with it a myriad of feelings for different people. There’s excitement and gratitude for some on the accomplishments of goals and for some there’s the cloud of “things not accomplished…” that hangs over their heads.

For those celebrating – I super celebrate with you. Gratitude is one of the secrets of winners. Keep celebrating your successes – it’s the kryptonite that keeps you going in the face of adversity – confuses your enemies and makes ways possible where you never imagined possible. Keep your joy up!

Back to the feelings. For some, it’s a small dark cloud and for others a mountain sized one.  Let’s talk a bit if you are in this group. We’ll call it our “Cloud Anonymous” group.

Different things we all may have tried to succeed at this year. For example, we tried to get the business going but instead it semi-packed up. We tried to do better at school but the distractions of life as an undergrad wouldn’t allow us “be great.” We tried to spend more time with the children but ended up becoming strangers in our own house. We tried to shed the extra body fat and instead packed on a few more.

We tried to relate better with our warring parent, alas you are still the “black sheep” of the family. We did everything we could to stay together, alas we called off the wedding engagement. We tried to fight less as a couple but alas, we are currently keeping professional malice with each other right now…and so on. Sometimes it seems like for every 2 steps taken, life’s pressures pushed us back 4 steps. Deep sigh…life can be really tough. #GroupHugs.

As much and as deeply as it hurts and, as difficult as it may seem, we are encouraged to find (emphasis on find) the strength to get up again. We’ve only failed or lost the fight when we choose (yes it is a decision) to stay down, (picture a boxing match). We find the strength to go on in God. God’s strength is shown in our moments of weakness.

Remember Samson standing between the pillars after his eyes were taken out (Judges 16:28) Or the time by the Red Sea when it seemed like Moses had failed the people, until God stepped in and parted the Red Sea? (Exodus. 14:11-22). We can achieve heights of success considered humanly impossible when we learn to find strength in God. 

And contrary to what appears to be “your truth”, you and I are not alone in our individual journeys to overcome whatever. There are people who have been there and have overcome…and there are people who are cheering for you because they believe in you. Plus, there are people coming behind that will find strength to achieve great things because you endured and succeeded.

Some days all we’ll be able to achieve will be a step, and some days we’ll be so pumped that we’ll fly like eagles; whatever you and I can do – let’s do!  God believes in you and wouldn’t have given you this path if He knew you couldn’t conquer it. Don’t stop pushing. Don’t stop trying. Don’t stop hitting that rock – it WILL crack open!!!

 As the year winds to an end, celebrate your achievements, learn from your failures and reposition yourself (mentally, spiritually, maybe physically even etc) to do better next year. Most importantly remember growth takes time so be patient with yourself as you go along. You are in no competition with anyone – yours is a solo race to the end. It’s your race, with your trophy waiting at the end.

Focus on you and not the other runners or the distractions around. Focus on you. When you go to the market and are haggling over prices with the seller, you are focused on your transaction and not that of everyone right? Same approach applies. Let 2017 be that year you focus on you. Forget the naysayers, focus on you and your goal(s). They’ll be the one trying to associate with you when you make it! 

I love the image that inspired this post. It’s simple and true. I believe the first three sentences sums up God’s thoughts towards you and I #YouArePrecious – let’s make it a point never to forget that from now on.


Don’t give up. God’s with you; God’s with me and we’ve got this.

Here’s to an amazing 2017.

– Joke

  1. You nailed this. Words for the heart. Words that inspire. Thank God for you. Be patient with yourself…thats for me. Bless you dear…bless you

  2. Joke, nice article. I agree that we need to be patient with ourselves. The pressure we feel most times is the one exerted by ‘us’ on ‘ourselves’.

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