Always & Ever, you’ll be God’s Child

Mary Mary’s song Still His Child is one of my go-to, all-purpose gospel classics of all time for so many reasons. This is because I can’t help but fall in love with the beautiful storyline of amending the love-lost relationship that often characterises our relationship with God (the Father) and His children (Christians).

Ever so often and at different seasons in my life, I find myself in a storyline like this – of broken relationship and my quest to find my way back into the waiting arms of my Father. From being a difficult daughter who sometimes gets lost in her own head and shuts her Father out of the picture, to dealing with insecurities, bad habits, addictions, low self-esteem and blaming Him for all the bad hands that life has dealt her.

Not only that, I also see myself in the story of the child who refuses to talk to her Father as she ought to in prayers or through her bible studies because she feels she has got crazy deadlines to meet both at work and in her personal hustle. Hence, quality time with her father suffers and she justifies that with ‘after all, God’s child must eat too now and He understands’ right?

I see myself in the story of the girl who, in spite of her love for her Father and her best attempts to do right by Him, still falls into her old habits and the vicious circle of anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

Yes I see myself in the story of the girl who, in spite of her best effort to be patient, can (on some days) can’t be bothered that God’s promises for her would ever materialise until she gets a jolt from Him and crawls up in shame and asks God to forgive and strengthen her faith all over again even if she said that same prayer two weeks ago.

I particularly like the flow of the song and how it paints in my head dialogues between an intercessor (I like to think of the intercessor as the Holy Spirit) and the child (Christians). The most consoling part for me is the last stanza which seems more of a conversation where the Holy Spirit is relaying back God’s response to the not so pleasant ways of His children.

The Intercessor expresses how God the Father doesn’t sometimes like His children’s behaviours, but that has never stopped Him from loving His children unconditionally. Each time I get to this stanza, I get the unwavering assurance that no matter how hard I try to get away from God, or how bad I am with keeping my promises to do better or how knee deep I think I am in sin, I have come to realise that I am and will forever be God’s child. I say this not to boast but to remind myself (and you reading this) of the sure mercies of God and the finished work of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary.

It is no news that we are in the fourth month of the New Year and if you are like me, I had great expectations (not resolutions) for 2017. I mean, 2017 is the year where I get to be a better Christian, pray more, fast more, read through the scriptures like twice, evangelise more and do more of all the religious activities “A-type Christian” tend to do. But it is already April, and I am already freaking out on why I would make such huge promises and declarations to myself and God.

While thinking through this in my head earlier this week, I found my Father, in his unassuming and gentle way telling me,

‘Lola, don’t freak out. You’ve got this because you are my child.’

And in that single moment and instance, I knew I had to put a reign over my fears and go back to just being who the Father intended for me to be by taking each day as it comes. I do believe that Jesus was intentional when, while teaching us on how to pray, He asked the Father,

“Give us this day, our daily bread” Matthew 6:11.

He didn’t ask for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week, next month or next year’s bread (you get my drift, right?).

My father has kept sending me hints, tips and messages here and there of how fruitless it would be if I choose to be perfect over being present in 2017. (SELAH)

Hence, I am re-strategizing by choosing this day, this moment and this minute to live the best way I can for Him. I don’t need to strive to be perfect because I am in no competition with anybody. I just need to be present and to daily carry my cross and follow Him. Yes, I may still go down the slippery slope I personally loath (as I seem to have that tendency every now and then) but I am more confident today than ever that my Father Has Got me covered.

In case you are like me, I hope you find courage and strength to live for each day no matter what life throws at you in the coming months. Be assured once again that from the moment you got Born Again, you became and forever will be God’s child. Never be too afraid to go back to him when things are not making sense or when you feel you are way over your head or perhaps you once again dip your hand in the cookie jar you vowed never to go near again.

We are His children, and hey some father’s do have kids like us. J

Also, God sees our hearts and He knows that in order to make it to the finish line in our walk of faith, we need His grace. This is why He is always present and there for us every single step of the way.

In case you need a little bit of motivation, below is a video to the song, ‘Still His Child’, by Mary Mary.



He had many of bad habits
He was trying hard to break
And every time he thought it got better
He would make another mistake
Though he knows he’s far from perfect
He is trying to live right
He asked me to ask You Father
Would You hear his prayer tonight?


He said tell Him that I really need Him
I really want to change
The next time you talk to God
Would you please mention my name
Would you tell Him that I really love Him
And although it’s been a while
Ask Him for me am I still His child


I asked her how she was doing
She said not so good lately
Then I told her girl you know
You can always talk to me
She said these days haven’t been so happy
Haven’t had much peace of mind
Now I know that I should be praying
But I have haven’t had much time


So could you tell Him that I really need Him
I really want to change
The next time you talk to God
Would you please mention my name
Would you tell Him that I really love Him
And although its been a while
Ask Him for me am I still His child


I know the answer to your question
Yes the Father still loves you
But sometimes when you have children
You don’t always like what they do
So when go to your heavenly Father
Say Lord I love You
And when you ask Him for forgiveness
This is what He’ll say to you


I sent a message in the wind
When the birds sang their song
And when you went to sleep last night
I told the moon shine all night long
Just wanted you to talk to me
And I know it’s been a while
And to answer the question
You are still my child


Have a blessed week!

Lola GY


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