It’s a beautiful Thursday morning, and today we are excited to share with you a beautiful new song by Gospel Married duo- The Vessel – made up of Wole and Ini Adesanya.

Their new single “We See You” is a powerful song that testifies to the Love of God for us, the joy of being in His presence, and God’s wonder working power changing things and doing wonders in our lives. 

It’s a worship song that will take you to the heart of God, and reminds us that as we fix our gaze on Jesus, our lives are changed

Enjoy this song today, and keep your eyes stayed on Jesus, as your mouth and heart always give him praise.

PRAYER- Lord take over every area of our lives, we submit and surrender to you. Move in and Have Your Way, in Jesus name, Amen.

N.B- You can also download “We See You’ from here;

God bless you. 


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