This message by Bishop T.D Jakes is very apt for such a time like this. Here he asks a question- ARE YOU BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVOURED?

Being blessed and highly favoured is something we all desire. Just like Mary the Mother of Jesus, we all wish we are specially chosen by God for a special task. The truth is we all are. Everyone carries a unique gift & purpose given by God to birth here on earth. 

However, have we ever thought about the fact that this comes with a huge responsibility?In the case of Mary it even came with shame, rejection, pain, and so many seemingly negative situations that didn’t make sense if one was supposed to be blessed and highly favoured. I mean we would expect that everything would go so smooth, as we have been chosen by God, especially with angelic manifestation as in the case of Mary.

Listen to this message today as Bishop T.D Jakes paints another picture of this remarkable story. As you listen, look into your life and let these words speak to you.

No matter what you’re going through, remember this- YOU ARE BLESSED & HIGHLY FAVOURED!!!


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